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Astana International Airport (IATA: TSE, ICAO: UACC) is an international airport in Kazakhstan located 14 km (9 mi) outside of the capital Astana.

The airport traces its history to 1931 when Astana's first airfield was constructed. Airport infrastructure has been continuously upgraded, making it possible to accept heavy aircraft by 1948, and starting 24-hour operation in 1956.

Following the transfer of the country capital to Astana in 1997, the airport underwent a series of major reconstructions which brought it up to international standards. A new passenger terminal designed by the late Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa was officially opened in February 2005.


Transportation: Get to/out Airport



A taxi from the airport to the city centre is about USD20.



You can reach to Astana International Airport by public transport busses №10 and №12


Route of No.10 and No.12 buses

Airport – city – Airport

Operating time of buses from 6.a.m. till 11.p.m.


Departure from the city to the airport by bus No.10 – 5.50 – 21.23, interval 5-7 minutes.

Railway station – National opera and ballet theatre after Kulyash Baiseitova – Yesenberlin street – Agrotechnical university – Medical academy – Polytechnical college – “TuranAlem” bank – “Аkbota” shop – Amangeldy Imanov street – Zhanibek Tarhan street – “Samal” microdistrict – “Kazakhmys” the National company – Taha Husein street – The House of the Ministries – Diplomatic small town – Tauelsizdik street – Cardio-surgical clinic – Scientific research institute of the first help – The Republican bicycle track – “Astana-Arena” stadium – Skating stadium – Astana scientific and educational complex – Recreation area “Akbulak” – «The Star of Astana» stele- request stop- “Nura-Esil” waterway – request stop – “Aviator” villatic region – “Prigorodnoe” housing estate – Airport.

Departure from the airport to the city by bus No.10 -6.40 – 22.24, interval 5-7 minutes.

Airport – “Prigorodnoe” housing estate- “Aviator” villatic region – request stop – “Nura-Esil” waterway – request stop – «The Star of Astana» stele – Recreation area “Akbulak” – Astana scientific and educational complex- Skating stadium- “Astana-Arena” stadium – The Republican bicycle track – Scientific research institute of the first help – Cardio-surgical clinic- Tauelsizdik street – Diplomatic small town –Baiterek – The House of the Ministries – Taha Husein street – Turkish embassy – “Samal” microdistrict – Amangeldy Imanov street – Halyk bank – Zhangeldin street – Polytechnical college – Medical academy- Agrotechnical university – Yesenberlin street – “Daulet” trade center – Railway station.


Departure from the city to the airport by bus No.12 - 6.40 – 21.20, an interval 15 minutes.

High school № 19 – Myrzhakyp Dulatov street – Herzen street – Kokterek street- Chekhov street – High school № 20 – Okzhetpes street – Moldir street – Ahmet Baitursynov street – Railway college – National opera and ballet theatre after Kulyash Baiseitova – Aliya Moldagulova street – High school № 15 – Saryarka street – Zhenis avenue – The Ministry of Justice – The Ministry of Finance – “Khabar” agency – lyceum № 9 – Kenesary street – “Astana” city park – Shopping center “Mega-Astana” – Shopping center “Saryarka” – Konayev street – Diplomatic small town – Baiterek – The House of the Ministries-  Orynbor street – The Ministry of Defense – National academy of library – The Islamic cultural center – Cardio-surgical clinic – National Republican Neurosurgical Research center – Research Institute of Medical Emergency – “Astana – Arena” stadium – Skating stadium – Astana scientific and edicational complex – Recreation Area “Akbulak” – Stela “Astana Star” – Karkalinsk  track – “Nura-Esil” waterway – “Aviator” villatic –  Sary Torgai street  – “Prigorodnoe” housing estate –  Airport.

Departure from the airport to the city route of the bus № 12 - 7.50 – 22.30, an interval between flights of 15 minutes.

Airport –”Prigorodnoe” housing estate – Sary Torgai street – “Aviator” villatic region – “Nura-Esil” waterway -    Karkalinsk  track -  Stela “Astana Star” – Recreation Area “Akbulak” -  Astana scientific and edicational complex – Skating stadium – “Astana – Arena” stadium -  Research Institute of Medical Emergency – National Republican Neurosurgical Research center – Cardio-surgical clinic – The Islamic cultural center – National academy of library – The Ministry of Defense -Orynbor street – The House of the Ministries – Baiterek – Diplomatic small town – Konayev street – Shopping center “Saryarka”  – Shopping center “Mega-Astana”– The Bath-and-laundry complex – “Raduga” housing estate – “Astana” city park – Kenesary street – Lyceum № 9 – “Khabar” agency – Saryarka street – Shopping center “Koktem” – High school № 15  -  Aliya Moldagulova street – National opera and ballet theatre after Kulyash Baiseitova – “Bakhus” trade center – Railway college -Ahmet Baitursynov street – Moldir street – Okzhetpes street – High school № 20- Chekhov street – Kokterek street – Herzen street – Myrzhakyp Dulatov street – High school № 19.

Bus fee makes 60 tenge for 2013



Bus station of Astana Saparzhai-Astana:

Information call number:

8 (7172) 39 85 04, 30 35 49


Railway station of Astana:

Information call number: 105 (in the city),

8 (7172) 93 21 00, 38 07 07





Currently Astana Airport accepts all types of aircraft without limitation of take-off weight. It handled 834,299 passengers and 2,587 metric tonnes of cargo in 2006. During 2007, traffic increased 40 percent to 1,170,919 passengers.

● Class of the airport-“B”, 24 hours operations

● Runway-3500x45

● PCN 79/F/C/X/T (asphalt-concrete pavement), in the touchdown landing area PCN 111

● Taxiways-6, new parallel taxiway

● Total area of apron - 215 000 sq.m.

● Number of aircraft parking stands-30

● ILS CAT III A which enables aircraft landing at lowest visibility levels not available in any other airport in Central Asia

● State-of-the-art automated aviation meteorological system manufactured in Finland is also installed, it is certified by the International Aviation Committee, it meets the requirements of ICAO and is one of the best meteo systems installed at airports of CIS countries.

All GSE is available: De-icing vehicles, refuellers, fuel hydrant dispensers, fire-rescue vehicles, ground power units, main deck highloaders, crew bus and passengers coaches, lavatory service vehicles, water service vehicles, passenger stairs, catering lift vehicles, ambulifts, tow-pushback tractors, tractors for baggage pallets and container dollies, an air start unit, snow removal vehiBrand of jet fuel used at TSE is TS-1, an equivalent of jet A-1. Stable supplies and high quality are guaranteed by reliable domestic and foreign suppliers.

Total storage capacity of jet fuel tanks – 15200 tons. Fuel farm has a pump station, a laboratory for fuel testing and analysis with fuel hydrant system control center.

The hydrant system capable to fuel a wide-body aircraft with 80 tons of jet fuel within 40 min. Fueling operators are certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2001 standards.

The airport fire bridge and all other security/safety staff operate exclusively for the Airport, except immigration (border control) and customs staff, belonging to the state. Crash Fire Rescue: Category of Airport according ICAO-Annex14 – CAT IX.

Area of cargo apron makes 8400m2, with coating toughness PCN 68. Total area of cargo terminal building is 2200m2, usable area is 1 401m2; height is 10,65m. Usable area consists of  following areas:

1. Storehouses of arrival and departure – at S-950m2 V=3 800m3;

2. Special storehouses – at S=82,4m2 V=346m3;

3. Cold stores – at S=106,8m2 V=342m3;

4. Office premises – S=261,7m2

5. Area under awnings makes – at S=1064m2 V=7100m3;

Special warehouses consist of premises for storage of biological and radioactive substances - S=34,4m2 and premises for storage of especially valuable and perishable cargoes - S=48 m2.

arrying capacity of the terminal makes 600 tons of a cargo per day, the cargo apron can simultaneously accept four AC.


Important Information for Passengers!



Check-in of tickets and baggage of departing passengers, is carried out at 24 check-in counters on the second floor of the airport terminal. There are also check-in counters for passenger of different categories in CIP domestic airlines, VIP International airlines, Official delegates Lounges. The whole check-in process is performed by automated check-in method using SITA DCS and other airline systems. Check-in of tickets and baggage of the departing passengers is performed on the second floor of the terminal.

Check-in for international flights begins 3 hours prior to the departure and ends 40 minutes prior to departure. Check-in for domestic flights begins 90 minutes prior to departure and ends 40 minutes prior to departure. Passengers, flying through the airport Astana with transfer to another aircraft have to get their baggage after arrival to the airport and proceed to the check-in of necessary flight at fixed time.  After ticket issuance the passengers proceed to the boarding control, which is also performed using automated systems, which helps to establish if all the checked-in passengers went to the aircraft, after this procedure the passengers go to the aircraft cabin by air bridge or they are transported.


According to the Civil Aviation Security Regulations, you are not allowed to carry:

In your luggage:

- Explosives (Gunpowder, firework, signal flash, etc.);
- Flammables (Solvent, paint, thinner, lighter, etc.);
- Solid or liquid chemicals.

In your hand luggage:

- All items listed above;
- Sharp, Cutting, Sharp-pointed and Blunt-pointed articles (Sword, Axe, Knife, Corkscrew, Scissors, Nail File, Nail, etc.);
- Fire Guns (Pistol, rifle, etc.).

According to the Civil Aviation Security Regulations, you are allowed to:

• Have in your checked-in baggage  alcohol drinks, not more then 70% of alcohol contents, factory-made not more then 5L. per passenger;
• Carry in your hand luggage medication and diet items, including infant’s food to be used during flight with you; you may be asked to demonstrate approve of necessity of such items during your flight;
• Have in your hand luggage only a constricted quantity of liquid substances– not more then 100 ml. each and it should be placed into transparent plastic frequentative (with sticker zips) bags no more then 1 L. per passenger;
• Purchase liquids (drinks, perfumes) in the Airport airside shops (Duty Free) or on board of the Aircraft. In case they are sold in special packing, do not open them before they are checked for flight safety reason in the Security Control Points – otherwise they will be confiscated. In case you are flying via any European Union State Airports do not open the package before you reach the final destination point.
• All these substances and items can be taken in addition to the quantity (maximum 1 L.) that you already carry in your hand baggage.

In order to identify liquid substances while performing the control you should:
- Show all the liquids you have with you to be checked at the Aviation Security Control Points;
- Take off the jacket and/or coat – they are checked separately parallel to your check;
- Remove PC notebook and other large size electrical devices – they are also checked separately parallel to your personal check.

In case you have any questions in connection with the above mentioned rules, please address to your Air Company for consultation.


We advise you to solve all the questions concerning the drawing up of the entry and  departure documents in advance while planning your trip. Check the availability of valid passport and visa/other permit to enter the destination country. Check-in is performed only provided all these documents.

A private visit abroad for under-age children is available with the permit got from both of parents. A departure for treatment, rendering health consultation is available with the permit from one of the parents. For further information, please, apply to the passport office according to your place of residence.

In advance, look through the customs registration rules concerning goods, the carriage of excess and oversized baggage, animals and plants.



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